Best Life Coaching Attributes

"If we did all the things that we are capable of doing, we will astound ourselves" -Thomas A Edison. This quote resonates a lot with me & I think my job as a coach is to make people realize what...


The Kanban Roles and Responsibilities

Kanban is considered as one of the best Agile approaches in the Software & IT industry. Being in use since the 1940s, it has grown best for industrial purposes making the workflow process more precise, accurate, functional, effective and efficient....


What are the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master?

Becoming Agile with the workflow process is giving significant development and growth in the Software and IT industry. The methods of Agile enable better flexibility, process management,  and satisfaction to the end-user with consistent and efficient flow. Frameworks like Scrum...


Scrum Product Owner: The Guiding Force of Development

The Scrum Product Owner brings solutions and optimises the business side of the project. From grooming the Product Developed to meet the requirements of the end-user to building the business purpose of the Product to meet the demand of Stakeholders,...


Types of SAFe Agile Certification & its Worth

SAFe Agile Certification is of great use. Not only because it is the leading Agile Certification but also because it opens a wide range of opportunity when it comes for growth in the Software Industry. SAFe Agile Certification opens many...


32 Scrum Master Interview Questions & Answers

I have interviewed about 150+ candidates for Scrum Masters being on the panel for different companies and have built an understanding about how good scrum master candidate could probably approach to their Scrum Master interview. Read more about Scrum Master...



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