What is Life Coaching?

“If we did all the things that we are capable of doing, we will astound ourselves”
-Thomas A Edison.
This quote resonates a lot with me & I think my job as a coach is to make people realize what they are really capable of doing, making them realize the resourcefulness & the potential they behold as human beings. Best Life Coaching Attributes is nothing but , what you focuses on to make your Life Better.

I encountered a very satisfying moment in one of my coaching engagement when my coachee said that he feels like he is talking to his Granny when he speaks to me. He felt completely safe & comfortable in sharing his inner world with me.

A few weeks back in one of the sessions (my internal corporate coaching program for female employees) with my coachee she revealed about her troubled childhood & this was just our second meeting.

The thing that I realized was that how important it is for a coach to create this environment of safety & comfort for a coachee so that they can fully express themselves which would really contribute in making the coaching engagements more fruitful & fulfilling for the coachee.

Some of the qualities that have helped me & I think can help any coach are as follows:
1) Intention of serving – If the coach has entered the profession of coaching with an intention of serving then the whole approach falls in place. This adds to the commitment of the coach to serve the coachee.

2) Empathy – This enables the coach to dispassionately listen to the coachee & create a space where the coachee feels free to fully express himself or herself.

3) Respectful – This enables the coach to accept the coachee as is without being judgmental of his values or beliefs. This creates a space for truly realizing the coachees agenda or objective.

Bhalchandra Deshmukh

4) Inquisite – Inquisitiveness helps the coach to come out with powerful questions.

5) Confident – The more confidence the coach has in his or her abilities the more the conversation remains focused on the coachee

6)Experimenting & flexible – This enables the coach to drop some of the approaches if they are not working & keep on adapting until the coachee moves forward to his/her goal achievement

7)Trustworthy – The knowledge of the coach is instrumental in establishing Trust & connect which in turn creates the environment where the process of coaching can truly unfold

8)Communicator – Dispassionate listening,Powerful questioning,Direct feedback are the important attributes for the coach to have

9)Learnability – The coach has to be an ardent student & continuously sharpening his axe

10)Emotional Intelligence – This is very important for the coach to hold on to his position.the coach needs to manage his/her emotions effectively & should also be sensitive for the coaches emotions.

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