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Modern AI Pro Practitioner

  • Analyze Real-World AI Implementations

  • Ethical Practices

  • Leverage Memory Mechanisms in LLMs

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Online 23-26 Aug'24

Executive Summary

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, staying ahead requires not only understanding the fundamentals, but also mastering practical applications of cutting-edge innovations.

The Practitioner level of our Modern AI Pro bootcamp is built on our Essentials program for those who are very comfortable with hands-on AI product development.

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“I've always thought of AI as the most profound technology humanity is working on—more profound than fire or electricity or anything that we've done in the past,” ~ Sundar Pichai

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  1. Enhance practical skills to deploy large language models (LLMs) and AI solutions in production environments using tools like Langserve and FastAPI
  2. CEO Featured in Forbes, Fortune, CNN and more.
  1. Learn advanced techniques for data augmentation, knowledge graph integration, and visualization to enhance AI model performance.
  1. Master the fine-tuning of LLMs using state-of-the-art platforms like Together.AI, including the preparation of datasets and application of optimal architectures
  1. Understand and implement memory mechanisms in LLMs to improve their efficiency and application in real-world scenarios.
  1. Explore best practices for combining SQL databases with LLMs to enable efficient data extraction and manipulation.
  1. Address the ethical and governance issues surrounding AI, including compliance with regulatory standards and implementation of ethical AI practices
  1. Study real-world case studies of AI implementations across various industries to understand best practices, challenges, and solutions.

Target Audience

    Mid to senior Level Managers in Tech
    1. Professionals in mid-management to senior roles aiming to master AI applications
    2. Managers needing to oversee and deploy AI-driven projects within the enterprise

    Experience Level:
    1. Who have completed the Essentials program or have significant experience using machine learning in their daily work

Trainer Profile

  1. Dr. Balaji Viswanathan, CEO of Mitra Robot.
  2. VC funded startup based in San Francisco, CA.
  3. 40+ Fortune 500 customers.

  4. Education:
  5. CEO Featured in Forbes, Fortune, CNN and more.
  6. MS in CS (thesis in AI Agent Systems) from Univ of Maryland.
  7. PhD in CS with (disseration in AI/Robotics) from Univ of MD
  8. MBA (President’s Scholar) from Babson College

  9. Experience:
  10. 4 years as a Developer at Microsoft HQ in Redmond
  11. 2 years as Product Manager at Black Duck, Boston
  12. 8 years building AI & robotics at Mitra Robot

  13. Awards:
  14. Won multiple national and international awards for innovations.
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After completing the bootcamp, participants will take a 20-minute final assessment within 1-7 days. This final assessment (80%) combined with the class assessments (20%) will determine the final score. Participants must achieve a score of 60% or more to earn the Modern AI Pro Practitioner Certification, recognizing their advanced expertise and readiness to implement AI solutions in professional settings

Program Benefits:

  1. Equip your team with cutting-edge AI tools and techniques to enhance operational efficiency and foster innovation.
  1. Apply practical AI skills to real enterprise challenges, resulting in tangible improvements in project performance.
  1. Cultivate a culture of ongoing learning and adaptability within your organization, ensuring your team stays ahead of technological advancements
  1. Participate in interactive coding sessions, group activities, and real-world case studies to reinforce learning and encourage collaboration.

Day-wise plan

    Day 0 (1.5 hours):
    1. Lab session for review of Essentials course.
    2. Assessment to make sure the student is ready to go up.

    Day 1 (5 hours):
    1. Session 1: Deploying Production-Ready LLM Chatbot with Langserve & Fast API (Part 1)
    2. Session 2: Deploying Production-Ready LLM Chatbot with Langserve & Fast API (Part 2)

    Day 2 (7.5 HRS)
    1. Session 3: Build an Agent-Based Workflow
    2. Session 4: Advanced RAG with Augmentation and Knowledge Graphs (Part 1)
    3. Session 5: Advanced RAG with Augmentation and Knowledge Graphs (Part 2)
    4. Session 6: Evaluation of LLMs: Revisiting Langfuse and Building Criteria

    Day 3 (7.5 HRS):
    1. Session 7: Deep Dive into Memory in LLMs
    2. Session 8: Best Practices for Using SQL Generation with LLMs
    3. Session 9: AI Governance and Ethics
    4. Session 10: Real-World Case Studies and Frameworks Available in AWS/Azure for Ready-Made Use


    We will guide you with 2 projects based on the content provided in the course. We will support the projects with lab sessions

    Project 1:
    1. Building an LLM from scratch – we will share resources for this.

    Project 2:
    1. Building a travel agent app


    Hardware Requirements:
    1. A good development laptop with a minimum of 8 GB RAM and 50 GB disk space.

    Software Requirements:
    1. Install Miniconda: Miniconda Installation Guide Restart the terminal and create your environment: conda create -n modernai python=3.11
    2. Install Git: Git Installation Guide Restart the terminal and run: git clone
    3. Install VSCode: VSCode Installation Guide
    4. Install Ollama: Ollama Download
    5. Familiarize yourself with accessing the terminal/command line on your computer. For Windows users, it will be either PowerShell or CMD.
    6. If you have Python installed already, ensure the version is not 3.12. Use a virtual environment or Miniconda to get a lower Python version if necessary. Contact us if you need technical help.

User Accounts to Create:

    1. Kaggle
    2. Groq
    3. Anthropic
    4. Hugging Face
    5. Langfuse


Modern AI Practitioner level course is designed to build on the foundational knowledge acquired in the Essentials program, pushing participants towards mastering advanced AI concepts and applications. Through hands-on projects, deep dives into complex topics, and continuous assessments, participants will be well-equipped to lead AI-driven initiatives in their organizations, driving innovation and efficiency.

By incorporating real-world case studies and AI governance into the curriculum, we ensure that participants not only gain technical proficiency but also understand the broader implications and responsibilities associated with deploying AI technologies. This balanced approach prepares participants to navigate the challenges and opportunities of AI in a professional setting.

Final Thoughts: Embark on this transformative journey with us and unlock the full potential of AI for your organization. With the guidance of industry experts and a robust support system, your team will be well-equipped to lead AI-driven projects, innovate solutions, and make strategic decisions that drive success. Join us in shaping the future, one AI application at a time


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