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Value-Driven Product Ownership

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Value-Driven Product Ownership

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Value-Driven Product Ownership:

Agile, value-driven, iterative, and adaptive thinking are required to respond to a corporate environment that is rapidly changing. Value-Driven Product Ownership is the art of promoting and improving the flow of value delivery utilising such an approach.

This ICAgile-accredited course goes beyond the constraints of a single agile framework by laying a solid foundation in the mindset, abilities, and capabilities of product ownership. It is then reinforced with efficient agile practises created for customer-centric and collaborative value-driven software delivery.

Benefits of Getting Certified with the Value-Driven Product Ownership:

  1. Recognise the role of the product owner as a value champion and their mentality.
  2. Recognise and use the qualities of outstanding product ownership.
  3. By telling the vision, context, and delivery method for value clearly and persuasively, you may achieve alignment.
  4. Hold the value context while promoting ongoing learning and mutual understanding.
  5. Utilise epics and user stories to capture vertical slices of the value of the client.

Learning Objective:

  1. Essential Competencies and Conduct for Effective Agile Product Management
  2. Collaborating with Clients and Stakeholders
  3. Planning and Development of Products
  4. Evaluating Delivered Value

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Some challenges faced by value-driven product owners include managing conflicting stakeholder needs, adapting to changing market conditions, and effectively communicating the product's value proposition.

Value-driven product ownership is an approach where the focus is on maximizing the value delivered to customers and stakeholders through the development and management of a product. It involves understanding the needs of the users, prioritizing features based on their value, and continuously iterating and improving the product to ensure it meets the desired outcomes.

  1. At AgileWaters, we have a team of experienced trainers where each one of them has more than 20+ years of experience on the working and guiding principles of Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, SAFe etc. They provide the best of what we say as theoretical guidance and then about how to implement the fundamentals of SAFe in the work process.

  2. At Agile Waters, we provide support for post-work implementation. This helps the learners to exactly know how to implement the function and methods of SAFe into the work-process and deliver a quality solution to the enterprise.

  3. AgileWaters has combined agile experience of more than 50years, which means our trainers will drive you through every role SAFe has played and how it has evolved with time.

  4. Our Trainers at AgileWaters provide Real-life case studies to know the in-depth and thorough approach of SAFe Agile principles and its working process.

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  6. AgileWaters provides a holistic view to SAFe Fundamentals which means we believe in inter-connecting all the things which are related to SAFe Fundamentals to deliver the exact concept and principles of SAFe working process.

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  8. SAFe Agilist Certification Exam is already added in the Course when you take it from AgileWaters. At first, we will provide you with training and workshops. Afterwards, we will take you through both the theoretical and practical approach with the perspective of the exam.

    Many mock papers will also be provided so that you have a good preparation scenario to clear the exam with ease.

SAFe Agilist certification is the gateway to have a smart approach for the SAFe Agile Practice in an authorised way. SAFe Agilist Certification gives you the license to practice the principle of SAFe in an organisation both at a simple and the advanced level. The good results in the SAFe Agilist certification define your grip on the working principle of SAFe and Agile Principles which eventually helps to explore further career opportunities.

Stakeholders play a crucial role in value-driven product ownership by providing input, feedback, and representing the interests of the target customers.

The role of a value-driven product owner is to prioritize the needs and goals of stakeholders in order to deliver the most value to the customer.

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