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Non-IT to Scrum Master Workshop

  • 4 weeks - 4 Sprints (1 Weekday + Sat + Sun every week)
  • Insightful Study Material

Non-IT to Scrum Master: A Practical Transition Workshop

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Online 15 Jul - 15 Aug'24
    Schedule of the Session:
  1. 2 Days : Weekdays : 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM (IST)
  2. 2 Days : Weekends : 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM (IST)
  3. Note: As per batch requirements time may change

Non-IT to Scrum Master Course Objectives

Equip participants with a solid understanding of software development and IT fundamentals. Introduce the Agile mindset and principles. Provide comprehensive knowledge of the Scrum framework and its roles. Build practical skills for facilitating Scrum events and coaching teams. Prepare participants for Scrum Master certification (if applicable).

Non-IT to Scrum Master Course Content

    Module 1: Bridging the Knowledge Gap
  1. IT Fundamentals
  2. Agile Introduction

  3. Module 2: Deep Dive into Scrum
  4. Scrum Framework
  5. Scrum Values and Principles
  6. Scrum Master Role

  7. Module 3: Hands-On Scrum Experience
  8. Simulations and Exercises
  9. Tools and Techniques
  10. Certification Preparation (Optional)

  11. Module 4: Transitioning to IT and Scrum Master Career
  12. Building Your Profile
  13. Interview Preparation
  14. Your Journey as a Scrum Master

Experiential Elements

    Guest Speakers:
  1. Invite experienced Scrum Masters to share their career journeys and lessons learned.

  2. Real-World Case Studies:
  3. Discuss successes and challenges from real-world Scrum projects.

  4. Mentorship:
  5. Offer mentorship opportunities with experienced Agile practitioners.

  6. Additional Tips:
  7. Tailor the content based on your specific experience and insights.

Scrum Master Certfications