30 Books For Scrum Masters

Scrum Masters will benefit from the following 30 books.

The books cover each of the eight aspects of the Agile Coaching Institute’s Scrum Master competency model:

Practitioner of Agile-Lean

This is the most important aspect of a Scrum Master’s abilities. A Scrum Master is a Scrum Master who practices the Agile and Scrum ideals (Openness, Commitment, Courage, Respect, and Focus) not just in words but in actions. A seasoned Scrum Master has led at least a few teams to success and has years of expertise. Here’s a list of books to get you started in this field.

Mentoring and teaching

When it comes to knowing actual (traditional) Scrum, a Scrum Master is an expert and hence a teacher/mentor. If you wake up a skilled Scrum Master in the middle of the night, he’ll immediately identify the 11 Scrum elements and explain how Scrum values relate to empirical processes:) This is a list of books about the subject.


A Scrum Master has the training and experience of a professional coach. He has studied at numerous coaching federations, understands how to ask intelligent open-ended questions, and is a staunch believer in coaching. These three books will assist you in honing these abilities.


The importance of facilitation for Scrum Masters cannot be overstated, as a Scrum Master is responsible for maintaining the efficiency of the process and facilitating Development Team choices. Scrum Masters who are just getting started should focus on learning this skill first. Make use of the following books:

30 Books for Scrum Masters in India

Technical Expertise

Here are some books for a Scrum Master that wishes to coach teams on engineering techniques and achieve technical mastery:

Mastery of Business

Coaching and education A Scrum Master’s role as a Product Owner is crucial. This raises a number of questions: For Product Backlog, which product techniques do I employ? How can I assist in maximising the company’s value? What do we mean when we say “product development strategy”? Here’s where you’ll find the answers:

Mastery of Transformation

If a Scrum Master wants to change an organization’s culture and, more importantly, is willing to do so, he becomes an agent of organisational change. These books will provide you with important tools:

That concludes our discussion. I hope you find this information beneficial. I’d like to see more actual Scrum Masters: practitioners, teachers/mentors, coaches, engineers, business/product practices drivers, and change agents!

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