Top 11 Reasons to Get SAFe Agile Certification

SAFe Agile Certification

  1. Systematic, Goal-based Learning:

The primary goals of the training are education and skill improvement. While learning on the job is excellent, getting certified helps hasten the process. Professionals from the sector conduct research to develop certificate programs, and investments in efficient pedagogy are made. A SAFe Certification is therefore a worthwhile educational opportunity. Since learning itself has an impact on performance, participating in a program like this should be the main motivation. Without a certification, education in the Scaled Agile Framework may be patchy or insufficient.

  1. Mastering the difficulties:

The SAFE certification is useful in understanding the difficulties faced by large organizations. Understanding the complete organization and its end-to-end flow is made easier with the aid of SAFe training. One can easily overcome the obstacles and aid the firms in continuing their client-centered journeys by understanding the numerous value streams. Gaining a thorough understanding of processes and learning about various facets of a business are facilitated by this. With SAFe, it is now possible to have insight at all tiers, both in terms of delivery and roles and responsibilities, as opposed to the past, when a person only knew the people they were engaging with.

  1. A respectable wage increase:

Professionals who possess a SAFe Certification have a very strong probability of increasing their salary at their present job or future employers. The working professionals who are moving up the income ladder are those who have experience with advanced technology, just as the majority of the world’s newly wealthy entrepreneurs come from the technology sector. Working executives should anticipate that having the certificate’s certification of skills will make it simple for them to demand higher compensation because top-ranked organizations on the Fortune list have adopted the SAFe Agile Framework.

  1. Support for greater organizational decision-making:

Management and technology are combined to make organizational decisions. This certification could be a helpful resource for a product manager or software engineer who wants to advance their careers and participate in business decision-making. Getting products released in accordance with requirements and quality is at the heart of lean-agile principles and everything else covered in the course. Lean and agile transformations occur at the organizational level, and SAFe-trained individuals may anticipate that their proposals will be taken into consideration.

  1. Adding value to your portfolio and profession:

The SAFe certification definitely enhances your career and gives your profile a lot more weight and value. The demand for this qualification is extremely high worldwide. Nowadays, everyone wants to be an agile expert, making it extremely challenging to assess and distinguish between qualified and non-certified individuals. Your understanding of the SAFe methodology is validated by SAFe certification, which makes you stand out from the competition. Not only that, but if you have SAFe training and certification, top businesses who genuinely value and respect their employees and quickly and effectively implement Agile will undoubtedly hire you.

  1. Enhance product development:

The digital world has a huge impact on products, and the process of developing new products is currently quite time-consuming. Product development is a priority for top businesses and is seen as essential to overall business success. The quality and speed of product development, and therefore the organizational performance, are significantly impacted when SAFe Agile principles are used in such situations. We may sum up by saying that a SAFe professional enhances the product development process, which enables him to have an impact on the performance of the firm as a whole.

  1. Applied across a variety of sectors:

Several industries use the SAFe Agile technique, including those in marketing, advertising, construction, finance, and product development. For those looking for work in these fields, it is thus an appropriate credential. This is good news for tech professionals with monetary objectives since it has applications in high-value sectors like finance and construction. After completing the course, participants can anticipate working in positions like Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Master, software engineer, senior project manager, senior product manager, IT, and product owner.

  1. Enhanced Time-To-Market:

Customer satisfaction is increased via planned release cycles with shorter deadlines that shorten the time to market. A SAFe certified experts will be in high demand due to their skills in assisting businesses in achieving their goals in a market that is very competitive. The training and certification prepare you for the difficult task up front by giving you access to tools and procedures, concepts of agile release training and value streams, etc. that can help you become in line with organizational requirements.

  1. Determines the growth path:

Understanding the entire end-to-end established structure will make it extremely simple for you to look for growth opportunities. Depending on your talents and expertise, you may move into the programme or the portfolio layer. It allows you to take a break from repetitive labour and makes it easier for you to interact with different layers and see the overall picture. Your ability to use a variety of project management tools and techniques is verified by the certification.

  1. Pipeline for Continuous Delivery:

You gain the knowledge necessary to build a continuous delivery pipeline through SAFe training and certification. You can learn how to use DevOps technologies and get knowledge of numerous additional tools and techniques needed to manage continuous delivery. You’ll get assistance with SAFe as well as exposure to the newest tools and business practices.

  1. Accreditation Known Globally:

Scaled agile certification is valued internationally and is understood and regarded as a specialized competence by every IT organization in every nation. You can search for your dream employment in your ideal nation or organization after you have a SAFe certification in hand. This accreditation is well-received and in high demand internationally. Due to the growing adoption of SAFe by enterprises, scaled agile credentials are among the most sought-after credentials. Scaled Agile updates their material frequently, making it more resilient and adaptive to suit market demands and stay ahead of the competition.


With the aforementioned top 11 reasons, those who were unsure or unconvinced about why they should pursue SAFe certification and training must now be convinced. Please be aware that there are more reasons to pursue SAFe certification and SAFe training; this post just concentrates on the top 11. Additionally, as a CSM-certified expert, I would advise anyone interested in pursuing SAFe certification and SAFe training to first earn their CSM certification in order to fully understand Scrum and SAFe procedures and practices since SAFe is the next step up from Scrum.

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