Scrum Product Owner: The Guiding Force of Development

The Scrum Product Owner brings solutions and optimizes the business side of the project. From grooming the Product Developed to meet the requirements of the end-user to building the business purpose of the Product to meet the demand of Stakeholders, the role and responsibility of a Product Owner are diversified across almost every essential section of the Software and IT industry.

The methodology of Kanban, Scrum and SAFe are getting more recognized as they dwell at a high rate of success with the workflow process. More than 70% of the big MNCs of today’s world relies on these frameworks to govern their method and approach of working. This has led to more outreach for the Scrum Product Owner from big MNCs.

The Scrum Product Owner configures the need and approach of Prioritizing the Product Feature and refines the Product Backlog, The Scrum Product Owner Certification is one such certification Course which focuses on nurturing the business side of Product by delivering key skills to create the Product Vision, and refines the Product Backlog and makes sure to take the best Agile Path for the better attainment of Business Agility. So, Lets’ dive to learn more about the Product Owner role in the Software and IT industry.  

Who is a Scrum  Product Owner?

The Scrum Product Owner is someone who is very strong with the business side of the Project. At the same time, the Scrum Product Owner also has a good sense and understanding of Program Management. The Scrum Product Owner is an experienced member of the organisation with good understanding and in-depth Knowledge of the Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe Frameworks. With these values, the Scrum Product Owner guides the team on the Agile Path.

A Scrum Product Owner is a facilitator for the development team who delivers the effective product vision which brings business agility with quality solutions to the organisation. The Scrum Product Owner is responsible for the handling of the Product Backlog system along with mentoring of the Development team as well which delivers the necessary value with consistency.

The Scrum Product Owner creates effective product vision along with the desired qualities and monitors the development process and development team to deliver the product within time to meet the requirement of the organisation, Stakeholders and the end-user.

What are the responsibilities of a Certified Product Owner?

1)The Scrum Product Owner is responsible to regulate the flow of business and make the  approach collaborative for the product development process.

2)  The Scrum Product Owner facilitates the architect, development team and stakeholder team and works as the front face to solve, build, maintain and solve the system backlog.

3) The Scrum Product Owner governs the product backlog. They are responsible to create, maintain, update and prioritize the product backlog. 

4) The Scrum Product Owner helps stakeholders in the management of the business value of the product that is being delivered. In other words, the PO or PM is the face of Customer.

5) The Scrum Product Owner evaluates the value of work done by the Product Development team. He/She is also a mentor for the product development team. 

6) The Scrum Product Owner hears the story of team members who are involved in the Product development and execution process. At the same time, a product owner is also liable to suggest the necessary changes at the need of time.

7)  The Scrum Product Owner gives a significant amount of contribution for the vision, road maps, ROI and design of the flow of iteration increments.

What are the Key Skills needed for a Successful SAFe Product Owner or Product Manager?

1) A good Product Owner has the technique which prioritizes the feature, product and the portfolio. 

2) A good Product Owner is very organised in evaluating and analyzing the business value which is the prime factor for delivering the quality product to the marketplace with consistency. 

3) A good Product Owner has creative and effective Product vision with great communication skills which guide the Development team, Stakeholders and Architect on the path of Agility.

4) A good Product Owner is the front face of the product development process in which he/she makes sure to develop products of high value by leading and implementing the Framework of Scrum, Kanban or SAFe Within the team.

5) A good Product Owner makes the communication smooth in the organisation and holds frequent meetings to meet the requirements within time with consistency.

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What is Scrum Product Owner Certification?

The Scrum Product Owner Certification adds value and recognition to your knowledge of Scrum, Kanban or SAFe based on which are modern workflow processes. These fundamentals are the base on which most of the modern team works and the Scrum Product Owner Certification certifies your simple and advanced knowledge of these frameworks.

At the same time, the certification also gives the authority for practising the Framework of Scrum, Kanban or SAFe for high scaled projects as Product Owner within an organisation as well as gives membership to these Frameworks respective communities.

Different Product Owner Certification:

Scrum Product Owner Certification:  

Scrum Product Owner is widely adopted Scrum Product Owner Certification, which is accredited by Scrum Inc Certifying body. The Certification can be taken by someone who wants to learn and master the Scrum Framework at simple as well as at an advanced level.

Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification:

CSPO or Certified Scrum Product Owner is also widely adopted Scrum Product Owner Certification, which is accredited by Scrum Alliance Certifying body. CSPO helps the Product owners in taking the critical decision with the role of Product Owner with appropriate analysis. 

SAFe Product Owner Certification:

The SAFe POPM Certification gives authority as well as valuable credibility to your Knowledge of SAFe Framework. The SAFe POPM Certification is a globally recognised certification, which gives you credibility for the role of a Product Owner as well as Product Manager.

Professional Scrum Product Owner:

PSPO or Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification demonstrates a fundamental Principles of the Scrum framework and guides the Product Owner on the agile path to implement a workflow process which delivers products with efficiency and consistency.

Different Product Owner Certifications Accreditation bodies: 

Scrum Inc:

Scrum Inc. was founded by Jeff Sutherland who is the founder as well as co-creator of Scrum as well as Scrum@Scale Framework. Scrum@Scale provides training, consulting, and counselling to various companies and individuals for having the growth with an Agile Path by virtue of the Scrum Framework.

Scrum Alliance:

Founded in the year 2001, Scrum Alliance is a globally recognised and renowned organisation for different Scrum Certifications.  It supports Scrum adaptation, techniques and workflow implementation process while having a focus on organisational transformations. It is the largest, most established organisation for Agile Practitioners and has provided certification that has trained more than 700,000 professionals worldwide. was founded in 2009 by Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum Framework. It provides training, post-work implementation approach and certifications based on the principles of Scrum and Agile fundamentals which improves software delivery processes effectively. empowers the people and organisations all across the globe to achieve agility through Scrum. 

Scaled Agile Inc:

Scaled Agile is the Certifying body for all the SAFe Courses and Certifications. It helps the Organisation to bring Agility in the workflow process with combined Experience of Agile and Scrum Methodology which delivers the best of  frameworks. The Framework of SAFe is best in purpose to use Scrum@Scale and other frameworks for high scaled projects.

Road map for Product Owner Certification:

Though passing the Product Owner Certification exam is alone a way to get certified as a Product Owner, but it also involves few processes to have an evaluated and analysed approach.

1)Register for a 2-day Certified Product Owner Training Class. 

2) Understand the fundamentals of Scrum Framework, the methodologies and Agile fundamentals of working by getting trained under a certified trainer in a two-day workshop class for the Product Owner role.

3) After completion, of course, you’ll be given a link to create your login credentials with the respective Certifying body. 

4)  Next, you’ll need to pass the certification exam conducted by the respective certification body. Each of them has its own passing Criteria.   

5) After passing the exam, you’ll be asked to submit the license agreement to the respective certifying body for acceptance.

6) And once your license agreement is accepted, your Product Owner membership profile is completed with the membership of Product Owner Community. 

Certified Product Owner

Benefits of Getting Certified with the Certified Scrum Product Owner:

1) Get access to various sections of the Software and IT industry who are successfully practicing the Agile Techniques to embrace the Scrum skills.

2) Get to have an authorized technique and practical approach for attainment of core Scrum knowledge.

3)  Learn the fundamentals of Scrum Framework and the wide Scope it has in the Software and IT industry.

4) The Scrum Product Owner Certification is a highly valued Certification in the Software and IT industry. So, with the certification the chances of growth at an exponential rate increase.

5) It helps  to develop the fundamentals of Agile Methodology fundamentals into work ethics and culture which eventually improves the ability to make critical decisions as a Scrum product owner.

6) This Certification allows you to deliver incremental good ethical values to both the Stakeholders and the end product user as well.

7) This Certification is bliss for someone whose skills are best in use when it comes to the business side of a project. The role of a Scrum product owner stands right for your needs.

8) Scrum Product Owner certification is the gateway to know how to deliver a collaborative approach with the team to stay ahead of the market competition.

Is Scrum Product Owner Certification worth it? 

The Product Owner Certification serves a great purpose. With an increase in the practice of Scrum, SAFe and Kanban Framework and 90% of the modern team working on the fundamentals of Agile Methodology to bring agility with their workflow process and have good accuracy with efficiency, the need for Product Owner is rising at an exponential rate. Getting certified improves your chances of getting hired as a Product Owner with a high pay scale. 

Most of the big MNCs like J.P. Morgan, Siemens, John Deere, Capgemini, Sony, BNY Mellon, Schlumberger, Sophos, Continentals and many more always remain in continuous search of Certified Product Owner who can consistently deliver the quality solution to the organisation for high scaled projects.

The certification is the medium by which you can easily unlock several opportunities in your dream MNC for roles such as Agile Coach, Program Manager, Senior Project Manager, Product Manager etc. The Certification is mostly preferred by Scrum Master, Scrum Team Mentor, Agile Coach, Product Manager, Product Owner, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Scrum Team Member, Developer, Manager of Scrum Team etc.

The Average Salary with this Certification lies between $100,00 to $130,000 with roles of Scrum Master, Senior Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Product Manager, Product Owner, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager etc. for big MNCs.

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