SAFe Agile Certification Renewal Process


Because of its capacity to build and deliver the finest outcomes in the quickest possible period, the SAFe Framework has won industry respect. Professionals who use the SAFe technique are more than just employees for their employers. They are one of the company’s foundational cornerstones. As a result, staff are eager to obtain SAFe certification. They must, however, renew the certificate in order for it to be valid.


The need for SAFe Framework implementation has risen dramatically among commercial organisations around the world, as has the demand for Certified SAFe Agile specialists. A 2-day training session with a SAFe Agile training institute is required to obtain a SAFe Agile certification.

After the training, the candidate will be eligible to take an exam that they need to pass with a 75% score. After this, the attendee can download the certificate from Scaled Agile, Inc. The certifying body of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is Scaled Agile, Inc.

After completing the programme, the candidate will be able to take an exam, which they must pass with a score of at least 75%. Following that, the participant can obtain a certificate from Scaled Agile, Inc. Scaled Agile, Inc. is the certifying authority for the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Period of Validation

The validity of the SAFe Agilist Certification is one year from the date of certification. However, after paying the SAFe Agilist Certification renewal fee on the Scaled Agile website, the validity of the SAFe Agilist Certification can be extended at the conclusion of each validation period.

Period for SAFe Certification Renewal

Within 90 days of the expiration date, the certification can be renewed at any time. It is not possible to renew it before the 90-day period has passed. There’s no need to be concerned if the certification has already expired; it can be restored at any time.

Renewal of SAFe Certification

The certificate holder can renew his or her SAFe Agilist certification by logging into his or her profile on the Scaled Agile website with the credentials provided at the time of the original certification. When they are inside the SAFe Agilist certification renewal term, they will notice a “Renew” button next to the “Your Certification” section under the “Home” tab.

Cost of SAFe Agilist Certification Renewal

There is a renewal cost for the SAFe Agilist Certification that must be paid while renewing the certification. The cost of renewal varies depending on the certification. The renewal of the SAFe Agilist certification is $100 USD. The renewal charge for a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer is $895 USD. Bundle renewal is also accessible in the case of multiple certificates.

Requirements for SAFe Certification Renewal

The SAFe Agilist Certification renewal has no extra requirements. There is no need for certified experts to take an exam, submit assignments, or do anything else. To prolong the validity of the SAFe Agilist Certification, log in to the SAFe Community portal and pay the price.


The renewal of the SAFe 4 Agilist Certification does not require a test. The accompanying material is incredibly useful for people seeking clarification on the SAFe agile renewal procedure.

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