Difference Between Agile Transition (ICP-CAT) & Enterprise Transformation (ICP-ENT)

ICAgile is the world’s foremost agile certification body, offering learners a clear and comprehensive learning path comprised of multiple tracks. Each of these courses includes at least two high-quality knowledge-based certifications, and each track concludes with the ICAgile Expert competency-based certification. The Enterprise Coaching for Agility track is structured similarly.

ICAgile’s advanced programme contains two advanced certifications, namely:

  • Professional Agility in the Enterprise, ICAgile Certified (ICP-ENT)
  • Coaching Agile Transitions with an ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP-CAT)

So, what precisely are ICP-ENT and ICP-CAT, what do they do, and how are they different?


The Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT) accomplishes exactly what it says on the tin. Above all, it’s a deep dive into what exactly needs to happen in order for an organisation to become more responsive and value-driven.

The learning goals focus on corporate agility from the perspectives of leadership, structure, culture, and process. So that you leave the course with a remarkably good understanding of how to construct an organisation that is agile.

Indeed, this accreditation provides the foundation for extending agility across the entire organisation. For these reasons, we cover a wide range of topics, including how to engage marketing, sales, and finance for business agility; a variety of skills, tools, and techniques to overcome common dysfunctions like handoffs and waste; and how to design a system that supports high-performance, customer focus, and agility.

In conclusion, the ICP-ENT is beneficial if you need to learn what adjustments your organisation has to make in order to become more sustainable and profitable.


Coaching Agile Transitions, or ICP-CAT, on the other hand, looks at the realm of transition, specifically the human side of things. To begin with, we know that top-down techniques create resistance and fail. As a result, we require active engagement and self-management in order to solve real-world business difficulties. Because of these factors, we must involve everyone.

To accomplish so, we’ll need tools like systemic coaching and facilitation, which allow everyone participating in the structure or process to contribute to its co-creation. The ICP-CAT Certification aims to provide a thorough understanding of this topic. Organizational and human change processes, transformation strategies, overcoming organisational barriers, and communicating, teaching, and enabling at an organisational level are all components fundamental to agile transitions.

In essence, the ICP-CAT aims to improve your “executive coaching and transformation skills,” as well as your “knowledge of organisational development, change concepts, and how to effectively coach at scale.” Attend our Coaching for Enterprise Agility Course if you want to discover a systemic coaching approach to agility that involves people throughout the process.

Learn more about the Enterprise Agile Coach (ICP – CAT) and Agility in Enterprise (ICP – ENT) courses here.

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