Which Certification Will Support Your Professional Goals? SAFe POPM or CSPO?

There are difficulties associated with working in a sought-after field. You need to stay on top of the most recent things and become familiar with all the newest technological advancements. The experts working in Scrum or Agile operations are well aware of this and take all reasonable steps to maintain their current level of profitability. 

 Getting certified is one of the things that every product owner or project manager undertakes and advises to do. 

A professional can select from a variety of possibilities, ranging from entry-level to advanced certificates, and observe how effectively it helps them succeed in their work. While CSPO training is an option for beginners, advanced learners can choose the POPM certification. To determine which qualifications will best serve your professional objectives, you need to have comprehensive knowledge of these credentials. To assist you in better understanding the two options and choosing which one suits you, let’s compare SAFe POPM and CSPO in-depth. 

Parameters SAFe POPM CSPO 
Training Information The candidate must participate in a 2-day training program with Scale Agile Inc.’s educational partners. Following completion of this course, the candidate has one month to pass the exam. A 2-day in-person course taught by qualified experts is required for CSPO training. An applicant may also choose to participate electronically during a 14–16-hour online session. 
Fee It is free to take the exam if you do so within one month of finishing the program. You will have to pay $50 for each try, though. Between $500 and $2000 is the overall cost of the CSPO training. Each retest will cost $100. 
Exam prerequisites The applicant for the SAFe POPM certification should have knowledge of Scrum. He should also have five years of expertise in project management, business analysis, testing, or software development. The 2-day course from CST is required for CSPO certification. 
Coverage of the Curriculum The SAFe POPM training syllabus includes information on the scaled Agile framework, lean Agile concepts, and how to work with Agile teams, among other topics. In-depth knowledge of Scrum is covered by the CSPO curriculum. The Scrum framework, an Agile lexicon, and other subjects are included. 

Difference between CSPO and SAFe POPM 

The comparison of SAFe POPM and CSPO is quite well illustrated in the table above. Despite the fact that both credentials are for professionals working with the Scrum and Agile frameworks, the distinctions between them might assist you determine which would be most advantageous for your career. To gain a better idea, let’s delve further and go through each aspect in depth. 

What program would be best for you? 

Two of the most well-liked agile courses available worldwide are Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) from Scrum Alliance and SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) from Scaled Agile.  

Both SAFe and Scrum courses were created to assist people and organizations in implementing an agile framework. Both concentrate on the same job. Both are regarded as entry-level positions; however, they differ greatly from one another. 

If you are considering or are already using the Scaled Agile Framework, you should take the SAFe POPM course. If you just want to understand Scrum, however, and don’t need to be familiar with the SAFe framework, you should take the CSPO course. Scrum will be introduced by CSPO, while Scaled Scrum (SAFe) will be introduced by POPM. Therefore, it also depends on whether you’re interested in enterprise scrum or single/multi-team scrum. 

Training Details for SAFe POPM vs. CSPO 

A 2-day training session, the SAFe POPM certification program aids in the development of product manager skills. It is a course led by a skilled instructor. If you enroll with AgileWaters, you will receive enough practice sessions to become proficient and make the most of this certification.  

The CSPO training course, on the other hand, is a two-day course that a candidate can attend in person or remotely through an online session. Enroll with AgileWaters to get the advantage of unlimited practice sessions and free community membership. 

Exam prerequisites for SAFe POPM vs. CSPO 

The candidate for SAFe POPM should have more than five years of practical experience in software development, testing, or business analysis. The course mostly covers advanced Agile principles and scaled Scrum. Therefore, in order to qualify for the SAFe POPM certification, you must have a solid understanding of Scrum and the core Agile practices. 

On the other hand, the 2-day training session is the only precondition that is necessary for CSPO. You will need to receive official Agile training from a licensed Scrum trainer and gain a thorough understanding. 

SAFe POPM vs. CSPO: Certification Validity 

The 12-month expiration date of the SAFe POPM certification. Therefore, even if you’ve already passed it and got the certification, you still need to renew it every year.  

CSPO has a two-year validity period, unlike SAFe. To take advantage of the benefits of having the CSPO certification, you must renew it every 24 months (about every two years). After two years, the certification will expire if the training is not taken again. 

CSPO vs. SAFe POPM: Which Is Better? 

Professionals who are familiar with the fundamentals of Scrum or Agile and are interested in learning more advanced approaches can consider obtaining the Scaled Agile framework product owner/project manager certification. Business analysts, product owners, project managers, and software developers are typical professionals who enroll in this certification program. 

The greatest candidates for CSPO are those who want to begin a career in Scrum or who have already begun but want to increase the efficiency of their job. They will sharpen their talents and become more effective. Thanks to this training program. This credential is taken by CEOs, functional managers, and business analysts, product Owners. 

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