How Much Does Scrum Master Certification Cost In India?

There are multiple certification bodies available who provide Scrum Master certification. Right from the oldest Scrum Alliance to the newest EXIN. With the advent of Scrum getting traction in the industry as the most successful Product Development framework the Scrum Master role getting popular and many institutions started giving their own certification. Scrum Master Certification Cost varies totally on the classification of the courses and what kind of information and qualities you are looking at the institutions and teachers.

The oldest is CSM (Certified Scrum Master) by Scrum Alliance and most widely followed by  PSM (Professional Scrum Master) by Later on, bodies like EXIN also started their own certification as ASM (Agile Scrum Master). The recent is LSM (Licensed Scrum Master) by ScrumInc. By Jeff Sutherland the co-creator of Scrum. 

Scrum Master Certifications Cost 

Below is the cost-related information from different Scrum Master certifications in India.

Here is the scrum master certification cost in Pune, Bangaluru, Hyderabad and all across india.

Certification Certification Body Validity Cost Renewal Cost
CSM Scrum Alliance 2 Years ~25K/- ~7K/-
LSM ScrumInc (Jeff Sutherland) 1 Year ~25K/- ~1.7K/-
SSM SAFe 1 Year ~25K/- ~7K/-
PSM (Online) Scrum.Org Lifetime ~10.6K/- NA
PSM (Classroom) Scrum.Org Lifetime ~25K/- NA
SMC ScrumStudy Lifetime ~25K/- NA
ASM  EXIN Lifetime ~27K/- NA

SMC is Scrum Master Certified certification by ScrumStudy – not so well known in the fraternity but many of the people are certified. SSM is SAFe Scrum Master certification provided by Scaled Agile Framework but is mostly famous with companies or projects implementing SAFe in the organization and not many take the public certification class.

What Scrum Master certification I should go for?

It depends on the purpose. Certification does not change a person’s capability. However, it gives you a sense of achievement and acts as an Identifier that you know something as a certified scrum master. This is to show to the third person. Certification acts as an entry criterion for an Interview because it’s an easy filter.

I can also apply it on LinkedIn which is getting popular as the recruitment data gathering tool these days.

Sometimes organizations use it as perk for individuals or training opportunities for the specific role expectations.

So without getting biased by any certification body I would suggest few criteria’s I would look for –

  1. Is that a known body that care for knowledge and up-gradation of the framework based on the market trends?
  2. Are the Trainers known for giving value or anybody can become a trainer?
  3. Does the certification body have a mechanism to help enhance my knowledge post the certification – like blogs, newsletters, knowledgebase, Meetups, forums, conferences, etc?
  4. Does it have some forum where I can contribute and enhance my knowledge?
  5. Do they provide any post-certification support?
  6. Do they have an enhancement module which will help me upgrade?

Unfortunately many ask only one question – what is the Scrum Master Certification Cost that he/she needs to pay in place of the value you get out of it.

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