Can you get SAFe certification without training?  

SAFe certification

Only after completing SAFe training at a recognized educational institution can, you take the SAFe certification exam. You cannot apply for the exam unless you have received training. To become a SAFe Agilist, a candidate must first complete two days of training before taking the SAFe exam. The training is extremely beneficial to the candidate because it aids in understanding the concepts of the SAFe Framework and their application in the organization. With proper preparation, the candidate should be able to pass the exam with ease. 

Why should you consider SAFe® Agile certification? 

Many organizations have already scaled their Agile processes and ways of working, and SAFe® has proven to be the most trusted and promising framework that serves the enterprise and client needs. Customer delight has replaced the concept of customer satisfaction; thus, it is not only about satisfying the needs of the customer, but also about ensuring long-term engagements and healthy relationships. 

Who should take the SAFe Certification course, and what are the prerequisites? 

This is a common question among IT professionals, software developers, and testers. They wonder if this course will help them improve their skills and advance in their careers. Of course, this course is intended for working professionals from a variety of fields. They can gain the knowledge necessary to assist their organization in achieving a smooth Agile transformation. As a result, they will naturally notice an improvement in their job position. 

The Advantages of Pursuing SAFe® Certification 

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To get the certificate, you must first register for SAFe training. The certification cannot be completed without completing the SAFe training. The SAFe exam is only available after completing the program. AgileWaters offers one of the best SAFe training, the training and certification have many benefits, so attending the course is beneficial and helpful to the candidate.

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