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SAFe Agile Engineering Certification Training

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SAFe Agile Engineering Certification Training Overview:

What abilities do you require to deliver high-quality, software-centric solutions more quickly and predictably? You'll discover how current approaches like XP, behavior-driven development (BDD), and test-driven development (TDD) enable continuous value flow and built-in quality in the Agile Software Engineering course. This three-day interactive course also provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to function effectively in remote situations with distributed teams. The Agile Software Engineering course will equip you and your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement and maintain a test-first technical architecture. In a SAFe continuous delivery pipeline, you'll learn how to detail, model, design, build, verify, and validate stories, as well as how to employ automated testing. You'll also gain a solid foundation in Lean, Agile, and DevOps ideas that you can use in your daily work..

Benefits of Getting Certified with the SAFe Agile Engineering Certification:

  1. Globally recognized certification.
  2. Continuous delivery.
  3. Aids enhanced speedy Release Value.
  4. SAFe certification squeezes Lean Agile approach.


  1. Attend SAFe Training Course by our expert and handson SAFe Trainer.
  2. Upon passing the Certification Exam, accept your SAFe License Agreement and complete your SAFe membership Profile.

How Agilewaters helps you:

We help you with the FREE Mock Test with consulting and guidance by our expert.


  1. At AgileWaters, we have a team of experienced trainers where each one of them has more than 20+ years of experience on the working and guiding principles of Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, SAFe etc. They provide the best of what we say as theoretical guidance and then about how to implement the fundamentals of Scrum and SAFe in the work process.
  2. At AgileWaters, we provide support for post-work implementation. This helps the learners to exactly know how to implement the function and methods of Scrum and SAFe into the work-process and deliver a quality solution to the enterprise
  3. AgileWaters has combined agile experience of more than 50 years, which means our trainers will drive you through every role Scrum and SAFe has played and how it has evolved with time.
  4. Our Trainers at AgileWaters provide Real-life case studies to know the in-depth and thorough approach of Scrum and SAFe Framework and its working process.
  5. We at Agile Waters provide FREE SAFe Mock Tests so you can analyse and evaluate your preparation scenario for the SAFe POPM Certification Exam.
  6. AgileWaters provides a holistic view to Scrum and SAFe Framework which means we believe in inter-connecting all the things which are related to Scrum and SAFe Framework to deliver the exact concept and principles of both the Framework.
  7. We also provide additional FREE Certified Courses

SAFe Agile Engineering Certification Exam is already added in the Course when you take it from AgileWaters. At first, we will provide you with training and workshops. Afterwards, we will take you through both the theoretical and practical approach with the perspective of the exam. Many mock papers will also be provided so that you have a good preparation scenario to clear the exam with ease.

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The SAFe Certification Mock Test tool helps you to assess your preparation for the SAFe certification exams as well as gives you an idea about the relevant questions to be asked in the exam.

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