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Leading with Agility

  • 2 Days of Classroom / Online Training
  • 100% Assured Results
  • ICP-LEA Certification
  • Leader as Agent of Transformation

Leading with Agility

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ICP-LEA OnlineComing Soon

Leading with Agility

This knowledge-based designation is an industry-recognized credential that demonstrates knowledge of the key aspects of organizational agility capability and agile leadership. It verifies a firm grasp of the core skills for developing personal agility, relationship agility, and leading change and transformation.


  1. Organizational Agility
  2. Capability Leadership Styles
  3. Emotional Intelligence in Relationships
  4. Leader as Agent of Transformation

Who benefits from this certification?

This knowledge-based certification is valuable to leaders and aspiring leaders at all levels in the organization. It was designed for professionals seeking to learn about the paradigm shifts necessary to lead in adaptive environments and to develop relevant leadership capabilities.

  1. Delivery leads / Delivery Managers or people moving into these roles
  2. Project or Program Manager or people moving into these roles
  3. Portfolio Managers or people moving into these roles
  4. Release Train Engineers
  5. Business Architects
  6. Enterprise Architects
  7. Managers at any level in the organization


Every ICAgile-accredited course includes hands-on learning. You'll need to actively participate in a live class to earn this certification.
When you successfully complete your class and your post-class survey, you'll earn a certificate that you can share with employers and your professional network. Certificates are downloadable PDFs configured for uploading and sharing on LinkedIn.

  1. Earn a certificate upon completion
  2. Join a class from anywhere
  3. Explore beyond the limitations of a single agile framework
  5. Foundational knowledge of agile principles, values, and mindset

Download Course Contents

Download the brochure and check the different Focus Areas covered within these 3 days of training.


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