Scrum Quiz 2

Welcome to your Scrum Quiz 2

Which one of below is NOT a Value mentioned in agile manifesto?
Which of the following is delivered at the end of the Sprint?
Which of the following activity is not timeboxed?
The Product Owner role and Scrum Master role are never included in the Development Team size count
Which of the following options is NOT completely true?
A key principle of Scrum is its recognition that during a project __________% Of requirements changes.
In Scrum, list of requirements of the product is referred as -
From the events given below, which is the third event in sequence of the Sprint in chronology?
Where can scrum be used?
_____ identifies the business value of a feature within the scrum project.
Scrum Describes_________approach in project management.
Who should define the business value of a feature within the scrum project ?
Where are the customer requirement stored?
The Scrum Framework encompasses rules of guidelines for documentations?
What if when Scrum Master is not available for a sprint? (Best possible answer from options below)
Can one person be both product owner and the scrum master?
Who is responsible for the scope VS schedule trade-off decisions?
What is the primary purpose of the Scrum Master at the Daily Scrum?
A team member is consistently late for Daily Scrum, what is usually the first thing a Team should do?
When is the most possible event from below for Development Team to discuss about changing the definition of “Done”?

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