SAFe Quiz

1. What is difference between Cadence and Synchronization?
2. What is the purpose of “Operational Value Stream”?
3. Which is not derived from the principle “Apply Systems Thinking”?
4. With respect to DevOps, which of the following statements are true?
A: DevOps is a culture and mindset.
B: Improves the Mean Time to Release (MTTR)
5. What does Innovation and Planning (IP) iteration enable?
6. Which one is not the SAFe’s four core values?
7. What is not correct for the “Take an economic view” SAFe principle?
8. What is not correct about ARTs – Agile Release Trains 
9. Program risks are discussed and categorized into ROAM. Identify the incorrect category.
10. Which principle most accurately describes – “we cannot possibly know everything at the start”
11. What is the primary purpose of building incrementally with fast, integrated learning cycles?
12. Strategic Themes influences all the following except?
13. Based on management review and problem-solving meeting during PI planning, following possible changes are discussed. Which one is unlikely change?
14. Which statement is most accurate about PI planning?
15. What is the advantage of Reducing batch size?
16. Select best matched scaled event with respect to team event.
17. One of the SAFe principles is “Decentralize decision-making”. Which one of the following is the characteristic of Decentralized decision?
18. Which of the following is not the responsibilities of System Team?
19. “No useful improvement was ever invented at a desk.” Which of the following best describes this sentence?
20. Inspect and Adapt event has three parts. Identify the one which is not part of it.

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