Kanban2 Quiz

Welcome to your Kanban Quiz 2

What is the end measurement point of System Lead time?
What is flow efficiency?
What is Class of Service?
What is Feedback Loop in the Kanban Method?
What is the benefit of managing flow?
What is the essence of Kanban in Action?
What is 2-phase commitment( or de-coupled commitment)?
What does this mean: "SLA expectation of 105 days with 98% on-time"
What is Capacity Allocation?
How does Kanban use evolutionary change?

vijay wade

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Vijay is Lean and Kanban evangelist and has improved many product lines and projects using Lean and Kanban practices. He has benefitted many clients by reducing their product cycle times and overall productivity improvements by Kanban and Lean Practices. He has 22+ years of Experience in Agile and Scrum Coach with Technical agility practices and helped many clients on the path of business and organizational agility.

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