1. What is the benefit of managing flow?
2. What is the Full Form of CFD?
3. What statement below is correct about PULL?
4. What is the Release frequency in above graph?
5. What is the first step in any Kanban Implementation
6. What is Feedback Loop in the Kanban Method?
7. What is Class of Service?
8. What issue you can make out from above CFD of Kanban system?
9. What is the frequency of Backlog replenishment (Update)?
10. How many requirements/tickets are in Design on 15-Jan?
11. What all Certifications are provided by AgileWaters Consulting under Kanban? (1. TKP,2-KMP1(Kanban System Design), 3-KMP2 – Kanban Management Professional, 4. KP- Kanban Practitioner)
12. Full form of SSSF
13. How many requirements are in all released before 30-Jan-20?
14. Reduction in batch size increases Flow
15. How does Kanban use evolutionary change?
16. How many requirements are completed on 29-Jan-20?
17. Which of the following statement is TRUE about requirements in Coding?
18. Who amongst the below mentioned AgileWaters Trainers & Coaches is CERTIFIED Kanban as well as SAFe Trainer? (Hint 1st Page)
19. Is the Flow Laminar?
20. On any given day – what is the minimum difference in Backlog & Released requirements?

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