DevOps Professional


This EXIN DevOps Professional certification has been designed to give IT professionals background knowledge and understanding of essential DevOps practices. Created as a stepping-stone to the EXIN DevOps Master certification, this certification looks at the Three Ways, the good habits of change control and maintaining security compliance. The topics covered are:
DevOps Adoption
The First Way: Flow
The Second Way: Feedback
The Third Way: Continual Learning and Experimentation
Information Security and Change Management


DevOps Professional is ideal for professionals who are working in a DevOps environment. This includes DevOps engineers, Agile scrum practitioners, Lean IT professionals, software or website developers and project managers.

Certification Exam :
Duration:1 hour and 30 minutes

Number of questions:40 (Multiple Choice)

Pass mark:65%

Open book:No

Electronic equipment allowed:No


Available languages:English

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