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About Us:

AgileWaters Consulting is a leading consulting, coaching, training(among top10) organisation in the Software and IT industry. Founded by Vijay Wade in the year of 2011, AgileWaters ever-since has been helping professionals get the desired Knowledge & certification to make a successful outreach with the desired set of skills that enables the aspirant to work effectively with 90% of the modern team workflow process.

Lean & Agile Coaching Agile Coaching is a systematic process for overall improvement of Agile skills and techniques for Agile adoption and transformation.
Technical Consulting Powering the future of DevOps, Software Craftsmanship, Application & Delivery Optimization.
Strategy Consulting Strategy consulting is an approach of assisting businesses with high-level decisions that enable reaching overall goals.
Process Consulting Process consulting enhances the overall group effectiveness, by addressing conflicts for an open working environment.

We have been part of many transactional and transformational journeys as well-known corporations. On our path of the Agile approach, we make aspirants have an in-depth understanding of simple as well as an advanced approach for problem-solving and decision making.

Offerings From AgileWaters

Our Principles

  • Serve with complete honesty, and dwell culture of learning and growth
  • Deliver the transparency for appropriate facilitation
  • Futuristic and Holistic growth for all
  • Have Friendly, Courteous, Welcoming and Learning Growth for all

Our Goal

  • Give the best value of your Investment with solutions from a track record of Certifying 11,000+ Professionals across the world.
  • Become a valuable and knowledgeable platform, with friendly and futuristic work ethics.
  • People get the best knowledge of their value

Our Value

  • Thrive Competency Analysis and Development With Standard and Customized Training and workshops
  • Possess Engaging manner and bring Wealth of Experience by honesty and integrity.
  • Do more with less investment and care for long-term association.

Our Work Ethics:

We work on the motto to dwell a culture which invokes Relation building and customised solutions. There are many methods, techniques or frameworks to achieve this, and on our Agile Journey, We have learned these all with magical results of Agile Scrum, Lean Six Sigma combined with other well-known methods or frameworks like Project Management, IT Service Management and Business Analysis.

We decided to start AgileWaters consulting to give Agile Management solution for bigger teams with a collaborative approach. Our mantra is to be with you and your team for ongoing continual improvements to reap maximum benefits to make you and your team productive.

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